Although all of Richard's records, files, documents, and other materials that can be used as evidentiary matter were seized and retained by the government since April 2005, Richard still managed to obtain and provide to the public on the old version of this website nearly 3,000 pages of traceable, true copies of documents supporting the falsity of the allegation brought by the Bush administration through its political apparatus called OFAC.  The number of the documents available on this website was reduced and streamlined to ease navigation. The documents are grouped by the focus area.

Researchers, educational institutions, and lawyers who are interested in obtaining documents that are not listed here, please write to Legal request for information and we shall do our best to accommodate your request.   Requests for information from reporters and members of accredited media are also welcomed, and we ask you to send your requests to Media request for information

OFAC produced documents Richard Communiqué with OFAC Court case documents
US DOJ Communiqué UN Security Council documents Richard Communiqué with the UN
Search Warrants and FBI Communiqué List of valuables missing from FBI inventory Illustrations and Miscellaneous documents
Case Facts and Recent indictment OFAC efforts to pressure Richard Reports about Richard's work in UAE
Letters sent to the President of the United States of America Letters sent to the Politicians of the United States of America Documents related to the matter of SamarAir and Chichakli-Bout indictment
Secret Documents, just a copy of Peleman's UN Report S/2000/1225 under different title Documents Related to San Air, was it really found by Victor Bout? Letter to the Inspector General

Evidence of the government criminal activities — what they say is not always the truth
DEA / CIA Manufactured documents created to invent allegations of crime Related research and NGO Documents